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All our packages include either a Wedding book, or a more elaborate Story book. It depends on your requirements and of course the budget you wish to set. All packages usually include coverage at the wedding venue and at the reception up until the time the first course of the wedding breakfast is served, however coverage increases the higher up the package scale you go, as does the number of images produced.

With the basic package there are usually at least 150 images for you to choose from, and often many more. Included in this package is a 50 page 20x30cm (A4) Wedding book containing 50 images of your choice.

Wedding books are hardbacked with a personalised dust cover. They are very high quality, fully designed by us and can include your own design input. The images in the book can be produced in colour, black & white, or a combination of both. The pages themselves are printed using the latest technology and are available in a choice of finishes.

You can if you wish expand and enhance your book by taking up our optional extras:-

PAGES: You can add extra pages (with extra images) to your book in sets of 10 up to the maximum book capacity of 100 pages, or 110 pages if you go for the 'thin' page alternative. There are a number of different page materials to choose from.
BOOK SIZE: You can increase the physical size of the your book. Wedding books are supplied as 20x30cm but are also available in large (25x35cm) or extra large (30x40cm) sizes.
COVERS:: The wedding book dust jacket can be changed to any of the covers in our ranges..... C range covers are available in Silk, Leatherette, Metal or Transparent..... B range covers are available as Varnished, Leather or Die Cut Leatherette..... A range covers are available Cowhide, Crystal Glance or Die Cut Leather. Many of these covers can be personalised. To see all our covers, including the very latest, please download our PDF file.
PRESENTATION: Wedding Books are presented in a box, but with the larger 25x35mm or 30x40mm sizes a suitcase style case is available. Leatherette or Cowhide sleeves can also be supplied with some books.

You can also purchase parent books in a range of sizes, pocket books, prints and a CD of all your images.

    Signing the register   Bride and pageboy share a moment together   Guests enjoy the wedding breakfast