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Story books have a different design concept to wedding books. They can contain multiple images per page and background images too, so you can include in them as many photographs in as you like. A lot more work goes into producing these books both in terms of producing additional images at the time of wedding and in the design process afterwards. Our story books are not just a record, they incorporate the flavour and feeling of the day too, right down to encompassing your wedding colour theme into the design. Packages for story books start at £1280.

Coverage varies according to the package you choose as does the number of images but usually exceeds 200 images and with the larger packages sometimes 300 or 400. There is no limit to the number of images taken, Alec ensures that the appropriate number are taken to sucessfully record your day.

Included in all our story book packages are 2 parent books (if you need more books then they can be ordered). Parent books are smaller versions of the Bride's book and contain the same number of pages. They have a dust jacket cover as standard, but for a little extra the A4 sized books can be enhanced with a cover from our range. Pages in our parent books are available in a number of finishes. If you have A5 sized books included in your package then they can be upgraded to the larger A4 size.

The top-end packages also include a set of pocket books. These are smaller A6 sized versions of the Bride's book but with a softbacked cover. They're great for giving to Bridesmaids, favourite Aunties and special guests, or just for carrying in your bag or pocket to show to your friends and work colleagues without having to carry your full sized book. Mum's like them too. They are made in sets of 8 and you can order additional sets if you wish.

The images in your Story book will be produced in colour, black & white, tints, and spot colours, and you have a choice of page materials. Panoramic images (covering a spread of two pages) can be used where appropriate as well as background images and text. Your book will be designed specially for you, and with you, so you have a choice as to how it looks. We can also photograph/scan orders of service or invitations and include them too, as well as some of your own images as long as they are copyright free and of sufficicent quality for printing requirements.

Story book covers vary from Dust Jackets to leather, silk and contemporary covers. Some packages give a choice of cover. Whatever cover is included in your package it can be upgraded to any cover we have in any of our ranges for a small additional cost.

Our current three cover ranges are:- C available in Silk, Leatherette, Metal or Transparent..... B in Varnished, Leather or Die Cut Leatherette..... or A range covers in Cowhide, Crystal Glance or Die Cut Leather. Many of these covers can be personalised. To see all our covers, including the very latest, please download our PDF file.

Optional extras are available for Story books including additional pages and with some packages increasing the size of your book.
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